Low fat healthy beef (apparently)

First blog post since changing to the new site – how very exciting, well for me at least.

This isn’t even an irreverent post or humorous in any way, its serious advice for protein junkies or TT’s (if you don;t know what that stands for I’m not telling.

I went to the local butcher this week, Andy Gordon and bought the pork for the Donnie Brasco and a number of gourmet burgers made from Piedemonte beef.  This meat comes from Italy funnily enough and I was informed by said butcher that he has exclusive rights on distribution in the UK, ironically from an Irish fella.  I oculd make a joke at this point but I shall refrain.

The deal with this is its very low on fat content, and i mean very low.  Compare it with fillet beef and there is no competition, its leaner even that chicken and has half the fat content of salmon and double the protein almost which beats a crappy shake after doing weights anytime.

The flavour is excellent but the texture i’m still debating, the lack of fat content makes it fell more like its been processed bizarrely enough.

Next stage is for weight watchers to test it for their official list – after which i doubt there will be any left, sorry I couldn’t resist.  Give it a go if you can, its guilt free red meat

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