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Thai yellow curry


Thai yellow curry is not as well known as some of the other recipes from this region of the world, but I think it is one of the best.

The use of curry powder I assume comes from the fact that this recipe is from the North where there are closer ties to Laos and Burma and therefore different influences on the food.

It’s a very easy recipe to make; if you want the yellow curry to have more heat just add chilli

First make the paste by blending or crushing the ingredients in a pestle and mortar into a fine paste.

Now put the coconut ‘cream’ into a wok or large pan and fry over a medium heat for 3-5 minutes stirring all the time. Add the curry paste and curry powder and fry for a couple of minutes.

Add the potato and the chicken and cook for about five minutes, then add the rest of the coconut milk and bring to the boil. As it is cooking take the palm sugar and add it down the side of the wok so it melts as it goes in and then add the soy. Simmer until the potato and chicken is cooked probably about 5-10 mins. Taste for seasoning.

Red harrisa chicken with pomegranate cous cous

First make the red harissa which will be the marinade for the chicken by adding the spices to a small frying pan and frying gently until they begin to give of an aroma, put them in a pestle in mortar and ground finely.

Next add the rest of the ingredients to a pan with some olive oil and fry for about ten minutes until the ingredients go a darker colour.  Add this mixture with the spices to a blender and finely blend before adding the yoghurt and then mixing with the chicken to marinate overnight (or at least for an hour).

Place couscous in a large bowl.  Pour over about 425ml hot chicken stock. Stir once and leave to stand for 10-15 mins then add the tomato, coriander, drained chickpeas, pomegranate seeds and red onion.

When ready to cook remove the chicken from the marinade and pan fry on each side for a couple  of minutes to colour the meat.  Add the marinade and cook for about ten minutes each side on a medium heat until the chicken is cooked through.  The marinade will become a thick and silky sauce for your dish.

Serve with the cous cous and a spoonful of yogurt and coriander to top.

szechuan chicken stir fry

This is a really easy and quick to cook stir fry chicken recipe using szechuan pepper which is a fragrant pepper which is widely available.

First place the chicken in a bag with the ginger, garlic, soy, pepper and chilli; ideally leave it to marinade for at least half an hour.

When you are ready to eat get all the veg ready for a quick drop in the wok!  Heat the oil in the wok until smoking hot.

Add the onion and chilli and fry for a couple of minutes before adding the carrot and pepper.  Fry for a couple of more minutes then add the chicken mix from the bag.

Fry until the chicken is coloured all round, make sure you keep everything moving around the wok.

Add the broccoli and the stock and allow to cook off for a few more minutes; let it reduce and place a lid on for the last couple of minutes to steam the brocolli; this stage should take no more than 5 minutes.

Serve hot with rice – yum


Thai turkey burgers with pineapple salsa and sweet potato chips

An Asian twist on the traditional burger. Healthier too but no compromise on flavour.  Pineapple is an amazing food and has so many health benefits, if you want to know more then read here

Heat the oven to 200C. Toss the sweet potato wedges with about 1 tbsp of the oil and some salt and pepper and tip out onto a baking tray. Roast for about 45 minutes or until golden and crispy at the edges.

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Focaccia breaded chicken with salad

This is an excellent twist on a simple breaded chicken recipe using an old foccacia to give it an Italian twist.  Its better if you can make your own focaccia.

First make your breadcrumbs by finely blending the foccacia – you need one that was flavoured with rosemary, garlic and salt.  Next mix with 50g of parmesan cheese and set aside in a bowl.

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Greek turkey meatballs with flatbreads

This is a super healthy kebab, aka Greek turkey meatballs, although I also accept it looks like a joby on a stick!

First make the bread as it will take a little time to prove.   Place the flour in a bowl, add the salt to one side and the yeast to the other, pour in the water and mix to a smooth dough.   Continue reading Greek turkey meatballs with flatbreads

Pesto stuffed chicken with parma ham

First make the pesto – place basil and pine nuts in food processor. Cover; process a few times with on-and-off pulses. Add garlic; pulse a few times. Slowly add oil in stream while processor is running, stopping to scrape down sides of processor with rubber spatula. Add Parmesan cheese; pulse until blended.

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