British Favourites Healthy Soups Starters Vegetarian

Zingy courgette and pea soup

This is a super zingy summer soup using courgettes and peas so it’s super healthy as well as tasty and so easy to make!

Favourites Global Pork Starters US/Caribbean

Oven braised spicy pork ribs

These oven braised spicy pork ribs are slowly cooked on a low heat in the oven giving you an amazing spicy and sticky, spicy pork rib which is ideal for 4 as a starter.

Curries Favourites Indian Side dishes Starters

Dal with potato masala

Dal is an Indian lentil dish, served with potato masala this makes a great vegetarian side dish or starter

Asian recipes Favourites Fish Pork Starters

Prawn and pork gyoza

Gyoza are great as a starter or small main, prawn and pork go perfectly together

Chicken Global Healthy Main course Salads Starters

Chicken and mango salad

Chicken and mango are a perfect combination for a fresh, healthy and summery salad

Fish Italian Main course Mediterranean Starters

Salmon fishcakes with salsa verde

This is a bit different as the salsa verde is mixed into the fishcakes but go with it, they taste amazing.

Asian recipes Fish Main course Starters

Red Thai curry fishcakes

A Thai twist on the classic fishcake, these make an excellent starter or part of a main course with salad

British Main course Pork Starters

Pork belly with minestrone

This is a twist on a classic minestrone using pork belly, its a Jason Atherton recipe and really stunning topped with a poached egg.

Asian recipes Fish Global Main course Rice Starters

Smoked mackerel sushi

This is a really easy smoked mackerel sushi dish and requires hardly any cooking. You’ll need a rolling mat which you can buy from a Chinese supermarket or specialist (ahem) tobacconists!

Asian recipes Fish Starters

Curried prawns with cucumber relish

Quick and easy curried prawns make a great starter or can be served with rice as a main.  The cucumber relish adds a cool touch to the spicy flavours

Chicken Italian Main course Pasta Ravioli fillings Starters

Chicken and mushroom ravioli with fresh tomato sauce

This is a very simple and easy to follow recipe for chicken and mushroom ravioli which serves 4 as a starter or two as a main course.  You have to make your own pasta but the best things in life need a bit of effort

Asian recipes Fish Healthy Soups Starters

Tom yum soup

Hot and sour and sweet and salty – this is the Asian answer to chicken soup when your body needs to feel good about itself

Italian Main course Rice Starters Vegetarian

Garlicky pumpkin risotto

Serves 6 Cooking time 60 mins Ingredients Pesto large bunch of basil 3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped 3 tbsp pinenuts, toasted olive oil 50g parmesan, grated Risotto 6 cloves garlic, peeled 1.4 litres hot chicken stock 85g unsalted butter 400g pumpkin or squash (unpeeled weight), peeled, seeded and cut into 1cm cubes 2 tbsp olive […]

Indian Salads Side dishes Starters

Chickpea, mango and coconut salad

This is a great little Indian starter, chickpeas, mango and coconut all work well together to create a fresh favoured dish

Asian recipes Chicken Main course Salads Starters

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

This is a really easy Asian salad recipe that involves no cooking, apart from poaching a chicken breast and that’s hardly taxing! It’s great to have if you feel you’ve been overdoing rich and heavy foods as it is light, fresh and healthy.