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Prawn and broccoli pasta

Prawns are a great source of protein, this dish is a good balance of nutrients and tastes great

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Three cheese Ravioli with tomato sauce

This is a very simple and easy to follow recipe for  ravioli using three cheeses which serves 4 as a starter or two as a main course.

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Salmon fishcakes with salsa verde

This is a bit different as the salsa verde is mixed into the fishcakes but go with it, they taste amazing.

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Italian meatballs

Are there any other kind of meatballs apart from Italian ?  The answer is obviously yes but these are still the best, this is a classic Italian recipe.

Chicken Italian Main course

Focaccia breaded chicken with salad

This is an excellent twist on a simple breaded chicken recipe using an old foccacia to give it an Italian twist.  Its better if you can make your own focaccia.

Italian Main course Mediterranean Vegetarian

Gnocchi with tomatoes, pinenuts and blue cheese

Ok, so this is a bit of a cheat as the gnocchi aren’t homemade but it’s still damned good and let’s face it, sometimes needs must! It’s such a quick and easy dish and the soft pillowy gnocchi with the garlicky sauce and oozy cheese are the perfect comfort food after a busy day. Glass […]

Chicken Italian Main course Mediterranean

Pesto stuffed chicken with parma ham

This is a straightforward recipe, chicken is amazing when stuffed with this pesto and wrapped in the salty Parma ham,  you might want to use toothpicks to keep the stuffing inside

Chicken Italian Main course Mediterranean

Chicken and Tuscan bread salad

This is a really simple chicken recipe which captures Tuscan flavours and is ideal for using up old bread, in this recipe it was a foccacia which was just too hard to eat Serves 4 Cooking time 1 hour Ingredients 4 chicken breasts with skin on of possible 2 red peppers Olive oil Salt and […]

Fish Italian Main course Mediterranean Pasta

Pasta with mackerel, Marsala and pine nuts

Pasta and mackerel work well together, try and get very fresh fish.  The Marsala adds a bit of sweetness and the pine nuts add texture.

Chicken Italian Main course Pasta Ravioli fillings Starters

Chicken and mushroom ravioli with fresh tomato sauce

This is a very simple and easy to follow recipe for chicken and mushroom ravioli which serves 4 as a starter or two as a main course.  You have to make your own pasta but the best things in life need a bit of effort

Italian Main course Vegetarian

Pearl barley risotto with roasted squash, red peppers and rocket

Pearl barley is a great substitute for a traditional risotto, you don’t need to stir it the way you would with rice so it’s less time intensive to make

Italian Main course Rice Starters Vegetarian

Garlicky pumpkin risotto

Serves 6 Cooking time 60 mins Ingredients Pesto large bunch of basil 3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped 3 tbsp pinenuts, toasted olive oil 50g parmesan, grated Risotto 6 cloves garlic, peeled 1.4 litres hot chicken stock 85g unsalted butter 400g pumpkin or squash (unpeeled weight), peeled, seeded and cut into 1cm cubes 2 tbsp olive […]

Italian Lamb Main course Pasta

Lamb and sweet pepper sauce

This is a great pasta dish, I would never of thought of having lamb and pasta together but it works perfectly and the peppers add a nice sweet flavour

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Pancetta and chestnut stuffing

When you are looking for the perfect stuffing don;t get it from the supermarket, make your own!  This pancetta and chestnut stuffing is amazing, the flavours work beautifully and it’s easy to make

Bread/Cakes Italian


Serves 4 Cooking time 1 hour Ingredients 2 chicken breasts 3-4 new potatoes, halved 2 carrots 3 sticks of celery 250ml of dry white wine 3 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped You’ll also need a baking tray and a roll of parchment paper. You could use other vegetables, try and stick to something with […]