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A calorie is not a calorie

So a calorie is not a calorie? I’ve stolen the title from the Dr Greger from Nutrition Facts, it’s not something I would previously subscribed to. My understanding of calorie control has always been a simple in/out equation. If you burn more than you consume then all good, you can eat what you want when […]

Favourites Fish Healthy Italian Main course Mediterranean

Prawn and broccoli pasta

Prawns are a great source of protein, this dish is a good balance of nutrients and tastes great

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A happy, healthy way to lose weight – perhaps?

A change of the food you eat doesn’t need to be boring, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Favourites Healthy Mediterranean Salads

Feta, pomegranate and broccoli salad

Another plant based lunch to try, healthy and a good mix of food groups. This is a good base for other variations of salads

Favourites Global Healthy Vegetarian

Quinoa with tuna, avocado and broccoli

Quinoa doesn’t taste of much but it is packed with protein and a great alternative to pasta, rice or cous cous. It takes other flavours well and provides a great base for a quick lunch

Breakfast Favourites Healthy

Poached egg with avocado, spinach and spicy tomato sauce

A perfect start to the day, at only 354 calories this avocado breakfast is packed with good fats and spinach is just -well good for you.

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How easy is it to radically change your diet?

“Covid 19 has not been kind, on top of a pretty unhealthy lifestyle the tipping point of lockdown had resulted in pretty significant weight gain so coupled with a fairly appalling diet it was time to take action.”

Lamb Main course Mediterranean

Lamb koftas with spicy tomato chutney

These lamb kofta’s are super easy to make and they taste great, if you have a small blender it makes things even easier.  This is a good time to buy Sriracha sauce

British Favourites Healthy Soups Starters Vegetarian

Zingy courgette and pea soup

This is a super zingy summer soup using courgettes and peas so it’s super healthy as well as tasty and so easy to make!

Favourites Global Pork Starters US/Caribbean

Oven braised spicy pork ribs

These oven braised spicy pork ribs are slowly cooked on a low heat in the oven giving you an amazing spicy and sticky, spicy pork rib which is ideal for 4 as a starter.

Favourites Main course Mediterranean Pork Spanish

Chorizo and bean chilli with fried egg

This chorizo with bean chilli served with a fried egg is a great alternative to the usual version with mince and very easy to make.  You could make it vegetarian by using more beans and leaving out the chorizo but it won’t be as good

Chicken Global Healthy Main course Salads Starters

Chicken and mango salad

Chicken and mango are a perfect combination for a fresh, healthy and summery salad

Curries Indian Lamb Main course

Lamb and spinach karahi

This is an amazing curry and you can beef or chicken  instead of lamb for this lamb and spinach karahi

Curries Fish Indian Main course

Cod curry

This is an excellent cod curry using but you could use any white fish such as hake or pollock as it will work as well.

Beef Italian Main course Pork

Italian meatballs

Are there any other kind of meatballs apart from Italian ?  The answer is obviously yes but these are still the best, this is a classic Italian recipe.