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A happy, healthy way to lose weight – perhaps?

A change of the food you eat doesn’t need to be boring, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Three weeks in to my change in diet. Tried the plant based thing and failed miserably. It was so hard to get enough protein as I mentioned in my last post. Can I find a happy, healthy way to lose weight?

The good news is I think I’ve found something that works for me. I use the word diet advisedly, I don’t think of it like that in the truest sense of the word.

This is a lifesyle choice (I hope) not a fad, blip or moment in time. I really can’t see me going back to my old bad habits.

Maybe it’s age but I’m getting very concious of what I put in my body and mind. So far it seems to be working.

I wrote my previous post ten days ago (a week in at that point) I had already lost a kilo (2.5lbs if you’re not metric!). I’m somewhere between 3-4 weeks now and have lost 4.5 kilo’s so just short of a stone.

I would say this would be impossible if I still drank alcohol. I’m not drinking but have spare calories that would allow me to do that a couple of times a week. So you don’t have to be a saint, stick to the health guidelines and this works I think.

I’ve tried hard not to compromise on my food and I’m making better and tastier food than ever before (IMHO). The latest recipes are basically a snapshot of my food diary. Lots of fruit and vegetables, less meat, less carbs.

I’ve also cut down on anything processed like flour based foods (pasta, bread etc.). I’ve put in quite a bit of research and in moderation wheat is fine.

It was a super food modified to stop famine. I’m pretty sure my fat ass was not suffering from a lack of food…

Ratio’s seem to be key if your intersted in any of this nonsense. I’m 50% carb and 25% protein and fat. Once I’ve lost a but more weight I’ll likely play around with this as I’ll want to build some muscle. For now this seems ideal.

Fat is important in your diet, your body will react in different ways depending on how you consume nutrients. The trick is to get the right type of fat. For more info this is quite a good explanation

The other key factor is exercise. A by-product if the pandemic has seen a lot of us getting out and exercising. I make sure I’m doing at least 10-20,000 steps a day or cycling 10+ miles.

It sounds more than it is, trust me you can do it.

Generally any new posts are going to be things I’m trying and likely to be no more than 500 calories. I am sticking to 1500 calories a day for now so 3 meals plus snacks takes this up.

I’m looking for new things to try so if you see this feel free to make suggestions. If you post on the FB board I’ll give it a whirl.