Favourites Healthy Main course Mexican Vegetarian

Lentil Chilli

A vegetarian on the Mexican classic – this lentil chilli packs all the flavour you want without the meat (in my opinion). I used dried green lentils but his will work with brown lentils or pre cooked ones from a can. It also freezes well if you want to make a bigger batch and goes […]

Favourites Fish Healthy Italian Main course Mediterranean

Prawn and broccoli pasta

Prawns are a great source of protein, this dish is a good balance of nutrients and tastes great

Chicken Curries Indian Main course

Quick chicken tikka (kwikatika)

Use thighs for more flavour and if trimmed properly are still low in fat and a great source of protein

Lamb Main course Mediterranean

Lamb koftas with spicy tomato chutney

These lamb kofta’s are super easy to make and they taste great, if you have a small blender it makes things even easier.  This is a good time to buy Sriracha sauce

Fish Healthy Main course Mediterranean

Tuna with fresh tomato salad

Fresh tuna should be cooked more or less in the same way as you cook a steak, I like my steak rare but I do prefer tuna cooked a little longer but it’s up to you.  This is served with a simple tomato salad which makes this delicious and healthy

Favourites Global Lamb Main course

Chilli Marrakech

A twist on the Mexican classic – chilli con carne goes Moroccan! I love lamb mince and this is an easy, good value recipe  for chilli Marrakech that really packs a flavour punch. It also freezes well if you want to make a bigger batch.

Favourites Fish Main course Mediterranean

Roast cod wrapped in pancetta

This is a reasonably straightforward recipe for a fish dish; for this version of roast cod loin wrapped in parma ham I added a green pesto minus the pine nuts to give it more flavour.

Asian recipes Chicken Curries Favourites Main course

Thai yellow curry

Thai yellow curry is not as well known as some of the other recipes from this region of the world, but I think it is one of the best.

Favourites Main course Mediterranean Pork Spanish

Chorizo and bean chilli with fried egg

This chorizo with bean chilli served with a fried egg is a great alternative to the usual version with mince and very easy to make.  You could make it vegetarian by using more beans and leaving out the chorizo but it won’t be as good

Asian recipes Chicken Favourites Main course Rice

Szechuan chicken stir fry

This is a really easy and quick to cook stir fry chicken recipe using szechuan pepper which is a fragrant pepper which is widely available.

Chicken Global Healthy Main course Salads Starters

Chicken and mango salad

Chicken and mango are a perfect combination for a fresh, healthy and summery salad

Fish Italian Main course Mediterranean Starters

Salmon fishcakes with salsa verde

This is a bit different as the salsa verde is mixed into the fishcakes but go with it, they taste amazing.

Asian recipes Chicken Main course

Chicken fried rice

Who doesn’t love chicken fried rice?  Making it is easy and better than any takeaway (mostly!)

Curries Indian Lamb Main course

Lamb and spinach karahi

This is an amazing curry and you can beef or chicken  instead of lamb for this lamb and spinach karahi

Curries Fish Indian Main course

Cod curry

This is an excellent cod curry using but you could use any white fish such as hake or pollock as it will work as well.