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Food/weight control/fitness diary

Seeing as we’re going into another lockdown in Glasgow I’m anticipating my boredom peaking soon. To avoid working 24/7 I’m going to publish my food diary etc for a few weeks as a new way of posting recipes. In three weeks I’ve lost roughly a stone by logging exercise and food down to the last […]

Breakfast Favourites Healthy

Poached egg with avocado and tomato

A perfect start to the day, at only 354 calories this avocado breakfast is packed with good fats and spinach is just -well good for you.

British Favourites Healthy Soups Starters Vegetarian

Zingy courgette and pea soup

This is a super zingy summer soup using courgettes and peas so it’s super healthy as well as tasty and so easy to make!

Favourites Fish Main course Mediterranean

Roast cod wrapped in pancetta

This is a reasonably straightforward recipe for a fish dish; for this version of roast cod loin wrapped in parma ham I added a green pesto minus the pine nuts to give it more flavour.

Asian recipes Chicken Favourites Main course Rice

Szechuan chicken stir fry

This is a really easy and quick to cook stir fry chicken recipe using szechuan pepper which is a fragrant pepper which is widely available.

Curries Favourites Indian Side dishes Starters

Dal with potato masala

Dal is an Indian lentil dish, served with potato masala this makes a great vegetarian side dish or starter

Chicken Global Healthy Main course Salads Starters

Chicken and mango salad

Chicken and mango are a perfect combination for a fresh, healthy and summery salad

Curries Fish Indian Main course

Cod curry

This is an excellent cod curry using but you could use any white fish such as hake or pollock as it will work as well.

Asian recipes Chicken Main course

Thai turkey burgers with pineapple salsa and sweet potato chips

An Asian twist on the traditional burger, Thai turkey burgers are healthier too but don’t compromise on flavour.  Pineapple is an amazing food and has so many health benefits and makes a great salsa, if you want to know more then read here 

Asian recipes Fish Global Main course Rice Starters

Smoked mackerel sushi

This is a really easy smoked mackerel sushi dish and requires hardly any cooking. You’ll need a rolling mat which you can buy from a Chinese supermarket or specialist (ahem) tobacconists!

Chicken Curries Indian Main course

Chicken with Indian onion and tomato chutney

This is a great Indian recipe using chicken and which takes no time at all if you can have the onion and tomato chutney made ahead of time, its just a case of grilling some chicken.

Asian recipes Chicken Fish Main course Salads

Thai chicken & prawn noodle salad

Thai chicken & prawn noodle salad is super healthy and so easy to make. Thai food is about balancing four main flavours, salt, spice, citrus and sweet, it just takes a bit of trial and error

Beef Chicken Main course Mexican

Fajitas (version a)

Serves 2 Cooking time 30 mins Ingredients 250g Meat (turkey steak, chicken breast or rump steak) cut into thin strips 1 Red onion, sliced 1 Clove garlic, chopped Half a green pepper and half a red pepper, sliced 1 Green or red chilli, chopped 1 tsp Smoked paprika 1 tsp Ground cumin Pinch of dried […]

Healthy Main course Mediterranean Salads Vegetarian

Broccoli, feta and chickpea salad

Super healthy fresh salad, feta adds a great salty flavour to this salad and broccoli cooked al dente is the busness! Serves 2 Cooking time 15 mins Ingredients large head of broccoli (about 350g), cut into small florets 1 x 400g tin of chickpeas, drained and rinsed handful of sundried tomatoes, sliced handful of black […]

Global Main course Pork

Marinated pork with kebab chilli sauce

Serves 2 Cooking time 1 hour Ingredients 2 good size pork eye loin chops 2 tbls of dark soy 2 tsp dark sugar 1 clove of garlic, sliced or crushed Good splash of olive oil for frying Sauce Handful of fresh mint and fresh coriander, finely chopped 200g fresh tomatoes, chopped 1 onion, finely diced […]