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Food/weight control/fitness diary

Seeing as we’re going into another lockdown in Glasgow I’m anticipating my boredom peaking soon.

To avoid working 24/7 I’m going to publish my food diary etc for a few weeks as a new way of posting recipes.

In three weeks I’ve lost roughly a stone by logging exercise and food down to the last detail (incl. alcohol). I’ll start posting my progress, feels a bit personal but hey ho in for a penny…

The basics will be here with links to the recipes, some stuff will be things you can make, others will be basic ideas for products and brands. All will have a calorie count per meal plus an overall breakdown of that days protein/fat/carb ratio.

I’m aiming to maintain 25/25/50 ratio in that order, it’s harder than it sounds. Not sure how plant based people manage protein tbh.

For context you need to find your BMR first. This is your base metabolic rate and tells you how many calories you can consume for your weight goal.

You can find the calculation here this will tell you how many calories you burn at rest. It will also tell you how many calories you need to maintain weight.

In my case at 48 years, 176cm tall and at the time weighing 80kg my BMR is 1655 calories and I need 1998 calories if basically I’m sitting on my ass.

You need to cut down by roughly 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week but my target is 1600 as I’m not aiming to count negative calories.

In other words regardless of how much exercise I do I’ll try and not exceed 1600 on any given day. Giving myself this extra wiggle room means I don’t have to deprive myself of food or feel hungry. It’s a small difference but it works for me.

My target weight is 72kg by Christmas, I’ve lost a kilo in the past seven days since I set all this up so currently 79kg. I’ll try and keep this updated as motivation to me!

Anyway if you stumble on this and it helps then all good and if not it’s hopefully gonna keep me busy. (I’m using MyFitnessPal so if you can’t be bothered with the pain of that this should give you some ideas)

Week 1 can be found here