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Five spice chinese pork


This is a very quick Chinese pork recipe, make sure that you prepare everything in advance. Finely chop or crush the garlic and ginger together. Finely slice the chilli and chop up the vegetables, lastly slice the pork into thin slices so the meat cooks quickly.

Place the meat in a bowl and mix well with the soy, chilli, vinegar and five spice powder. Leave to combine for 15-30 mins and in the meantime cook the noodles and refresh them under cold water.

Now add some cooking oil, I would use groundnut, to a wok or pan on a high heat, when smoking hot add the garlic/ginger mix, stir fry for a few secs then add the meat mixture, stir fry for about 4 mons then add the brocolli and courgette, stir fry for another couple of mins

Now add a little water by pouring it round the side of the dish, this will give you a little sauce. Check for seasoning, adding more soy if neccessary. Add the noodles and mix well before serving with a garnish of sesame seeds

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