Cocktails Xmas recipes

Black pearl

You need cocktails for Christmas obviously and this one ticks the boxes as it is boozy and has fizz, its an updated version of the screwdriver made decadent for the holiday season


Cooking time
Two shakes of a lambs tail


180ml vodka
2 cups/500ml tangerine juice
120ml lime juice
120ml creme de cassis
1 bottle champagne or other dry fizz
lime slices and blackberries for garnish


Apparently this cocktail is “eminently appropriate for any time of the day”!

Combine the tangerine juice, lime juice and vodka in a jug. Mix well.

Fill 6 tumblers with ice cubes and pour over a splash of cassis. Fill the tumblers three-quarters full with the vodka and juice mixture and then top with champagne. Garnish with lime and berries.


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