British Desserts

Coffee and Brandy Trifle


  • 175ml freshly brewed coffee
  • 85g golden caster sugar
  • 3 tbsp brandy
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 175g Madeira cake
  • 225g raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • 500ml home made custard (could use 500g carton of good quality ready made)
  • 284ml double cream
  • 3 tbsp Baileys
  • 1 tsp caster sugar


Pour the coffee into a small heavy based pan with the sugar. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves, then add the brandy and cinnamon stick and bubble away until it has reduced to about 175ml/6fl oz (takes about 8-10 mins). Remove the cinnamon, then pour the syrup into a jug and leave to cool.

Cut the Madeira cake into chunks and lay them in the bottom of a small trifle dish. Pour the syrup over and leave briefly to soak in.
Scatter half the rasps over the cake, then tip and spread the custard over the top. Leave in the fridge to set.

Can be made to this stage up to a day ahead.
Whip the cream and Baileys to soft peaks then spoon over the custard. Chill until ready to serve.
To serve, scatter half the remaining rasps over the cream. Using a fork, crush the rest with a teaspoon of sugar and drizzle this over the top.

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