Chicken with summer vegetables

chicken with summer vegetables

This is a light chicken stew with amazing summer vegetables ideal for a summer lunch.
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Slow roast pork (Donnie Brasco Style)

Slow roast pork

This recipe for slow roast pork and the nickname is stolen from River Cottage meat book, if you like meat and really want to know everything about cooking it then I advise you buy it  Its called Donnie Brasco on the basis that you stick it in the oven and fugeddaboutit Continue reading “Slow roast pork (Donnie Brasco Style)”

Chicken and Tuscan bread salad

This is a really simple chicken recipe which captures Tuscan flavours and is ideal for using up old bread, in this recipe it was a foccacia which was just too hard to eat! Continue reading “Chicken and Tuscan bread salad”

Chinese braised pork belly with greens

This is one of the simplest recipes on the website, basically you take the pork belly, add it to a dish with Chinese flavours, whack it in the oven and let it do its thing, serve with greens for a bit of healthiness. Continue reading “Chinese braised pork belly with greens”

Mexican beef stew

The main flavour of this Mexican dish is the chipolte chilli, a dried and smoked jalapeno, available from most supermarkets. This beef stew has all the great flavours of Mexican food Continue reading “Mexican beef stew”

Pasta with mackerel, Marsala and pine nuts

Pasta and mackerel work well together, try and get very fresh fish.  The Marsala adds a bit of sweetness and the pine nuts add texture. Continue reading “Pasta with mackerel, Marsala and pine nuts”

Curried prawns with cucumber relish

Quick and easy curried prawns make a great starter or can be served with rice as a main.  The cucumber relish adds a cool touch to the spicy flavours Continue reading “Curried prawns with cucumber relish”

Cajun turkey burgers

cajun turkey burgers

This recipe for Cajun turkey burgers will work just as well with chicken or beef.  I like using turkey because it’s low in fat and tends to have more flavour than chcken (in my opinion!) Continue reading “Cajun turkey burgers”