Pork with harissa sauce and salad


First make the harissa by adding the spices to a small frying pan and frying gently until they begin to give of an aroma, put them in a pestle in mortar and ground finely.

Next add the rest of the ingredients to a pan with some olive oil and fry for about ten minutes until the ingredients go a darker colour.  Add this mixture with the spices to a blende and finely blend before adding the yoghurt and then mixing with the pork to marinate overnight (or at least for an hour).


When ready to cook remove the prok from the marinade and pan fry on each side for a couple of minutes to colour the meat.  Add the marinade and cook for about ten minutes each side on a medium heat (depending on the thickness of the steaks).  The marinade will become a thick and silky sauce for your dish.

Serve with potato wedges and salad which is made byt simply combining the rest of the ingredients.

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